ratso's 2 channel/HT system, a Two-channel Audio System by ratso

salk HT2-TL's - brazilian rosewood
Room Size
big (loft style home)
System Overview
although i have always been a 2 channel guy, having a system that split duties between HT and 2 channel was becoming (i have to admit) a major PITA. a thread in a home theater forum lent me some insight. the poster said he used to have 5 class A tube amps for HT/2 ch, 2 channel preamp with HT surround, external crossovers, the whole shebang. and he dumped it all. he bet me i could just use my denon AVR set for 2 channel direct sound and i would not be able to tell the difference in a blind comparison. and he was right. so i also dumped my system, simplified, and have not looked back since.
Digital Source
intel NUC HTPC
Analog Source
rega RP-1
Signal Processors
bass management from audyssey in my denon x4300H
Power Amp
wyred for sound st-500 for the mains
salk HT2-TL's, wrapped in brazilian rosewood
rythmik F15 x 2
Speaker Cable
roll your own
Power Cables
who cares :)
Other Components
surrounds are axiom audio QS8. center is selah sardonyx. I hope to have a dedicated theater/man cave some day, and would probably update to a full salk speaker setup.