Combination 2 channel / HT, a Integrated A/V System by dwr

This is the current picture of the system. The carpeted flooring is gone, as are the sono tube enclosures for the LFE subs. They are now in their new enclosures one in each corner.
System Overview
My system is used for both 2 channel music listening via tube equipment and also HT duties via tubes and solid state
Music Preferences
Rock,Jazz,some Classical,Blues
Movie Preferences
Pulp Fiction The Shooter We were Soldiers Davinci Code / Angels & Demons
Room Description
Living room with dining room to the rear of the living room 14' wide by 35' long cathedral ceiling 8' to 10'
Acoustic Treatment
Foam factory acoustic foam 3" pyramid foam 48" high all behind and to the sides of the speakers. Foam factory foam bass traps 2 corners behind the speakers.
Listening Impressions
This system plays very neutral and clean with no noticeable distortion from the speakers up to 101dB at the listening seat.
Media Storage
1200 cds in a carousel storage rack from Acoustic Sounds. 1400lps in racks in two rooms
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Oppo BDP- 83 SE Modified by Modwright Instruments, tube 2 channel mod
Satellite or Cable
Directv High Definition
Video Display
Panasonic TC-P58V10 58
Digital Source
Macbook G-4 with external HD to a Paradisea+ tube DAC
Analog Source
VPI Scoutmaster w/JMW 9 memorial arm Valhalla wired
Signal Processors
Behringer DCX-2496 for subwoofer management
Modified CJ PV-14L; Rotel 1068 prepro; Aural Thrills 274B rectified phono pre
Power Amp
Wyred4Sound ST-500 ; Rotel 1075
Geddes Abbey 12A
Definitive Technology CLR 2200
Definitive Technology Mythos 1
5; 1 18
Speaker Cable
Mains = Clear Day solid core Silver; center, surrounds,& subs 12g oxygen free coppoer
Multi Channel = Audioquest King Cobra; 2 channel Clear Day silver
Power Cables
Signal Cable Magic Power
Power Cond
Panamax 5500 and Monster HTS 3500
Other Components
3 Behringer EP-40000 amps to power the subs, 18" sub = 2400 watts; 15" sealed sub = 950 watts; 12" ported sub = 550 watts; 2 15" sonosubs with passive radiators = 950 watts each. Polk audio XM tuner run thru the Paradisea+ DAC Rotel analog tuner