My Office System, a Bedroom/Den System by stereo5

Room Size
50 X 70
System Overview
This system is in the second floor of our home, as a matter of fact, it is 3/4 of the entire second floor, as it is one large room and a very large walk in loset. I have my home office set up under one of the dormers. The ceiling slopes with the contour of the roof and it is 18" at it's highest. There are 3 dormers so there are a lot of angles to the ceiling. I have this system set up for casual listening, primarily as background music while I am using my computer. Every once in a while, I will move the speakers out into the room and do some serious lstening. This system used to be my reference system in my downsrairs living room, but as I upgraded, I kept the older equipment to give me some quality sound upstairs.
Music Preferences
I listen to all rock on this system, mostly FM radio and CD's weekly.
Room Description
50 X 70 18" ceiling, 3 dormers, lots of angles on ceiling. Thick wall to wall, curtains and mini blinds
Listening Impressions
Since the system is primarily for background music while I am working, I am not that critical of it. However, it really does sound excellent and it can play quite loud without strain.
Digital Source
Sony HAP-Z1ES Music Server, McIntosh MCD 301 SACD Player
Power Amp
McIntosh MA6600 200wpc Integrated Amp with Autoformers
Golden Ear Triton 1 Speakers
Tuning and Tweaks
Gold cones under speakers and AVC platform under integrated amp
Other Components
McIntosh MR85 FM Tuner Groneberg Quattro Reference interconnects (3 pairs) Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables Shunyata Diamondback Platinum Power Cord x 3 Dedicated 20 amp line and Shunyata Outlet Solid Steel 2-4 Audio Rack Furutech E-TP-80 Line conditioner and Furutech TP-60 Power Distributor three DIY power cables with Furutech connectors for GE speakers

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