Chloro's varied system, a Two-channel Audio System by chlorofille

DIY 8'' 2 way speakers
Room Size
18' X 25'
System Overview
I do not have a fixed system. According to moods, I will swap either of my speakers, as well as amps. Variety is the key principal of my system. I strive to entertain guests to the best of my hospitality. I try to DIY as much as possible, wherever possible. Every member of the family knows how to use my system, and I am glad that they enjoy it too !
Music Preferences
Anything but rap.
Room Description
There are so many things in the room that they become part of the acoustic room treatment ! I listen at about 4M from my speakers, and there is a small sofa directly ahead of me to help in absorbing some reflections.
Acoustic Treatment
Furniture , paintings on walls. Anything but "special acoustic treatment "
Listening Impressions
Accurate and clean with superbly linear bass. No eq is used. Ok, maybe I lost a little bit of musicality for cleanliness but I can live with it !
Media Storage
All music stored on a Hard drive on the Mede8er full HD media player.
Digital Source
Mede8er Full HD media player
Analog Source
None atm.
Other Sources
Bewitch A1800 valve CD player
Signal Processors
Rod Elliot's P37A Death of Zen Preamp (fully discrete, solid state)
Power Amp
Aussie Amplifiers Nxv200 mosfet Vfet solid state
DIY 2 way Scanspeak 8'' kevlar X 2 with D2904 silk dome tweeter
Peerless XXLS 12'' in 250L MDF ported enclosure, tuned to 20Hz.
Speaker Cable
DIY solid core silver.
DIY solid core silver in cotton
Power Cables
None atm.
Power Cond
Other Components
Speakers : 1. Hemp Acoustic FR8C, 45L bass reflex 2. Hemp Acoustic FR4.5C, 15L bass reflex 3. Scanspeak 18W8531G00 + Vifa Xt25TG 2 ways , 30L tuned to 33Hz. 4. Wavecor 6.5'' + Wavecor silk dome tweeter, 20L ported bookshelf. 5. Wavecor 4.5'' + Wavecor silk dome tweeter, 3L tiny bookshelf. 6. 3 ways - Peerless HDS tweeter / Scanspeak 12M/ Peerless 8'' HDS exclu. 7. Vifa 3.5'' slim floorstander. Amplifiers: 1. 3W single ended SS mosfet running Class A 2. Class D TK2050 tripath amp 3. Behringer EP1500 Preamps : 1. Oatley electronics K272A headphone amp/preamp 2. Arjen Helder tube preamp+buffer