2-Channel Analog Rig, a Two-channel Audio System by craigtone

Room Size
System Overview
This is my 2-channel analog vinyl rig. From diamond to cone there is not a single piece of silicon in the signal path. As a friend so eloquently put it ... "Music travels better through a vacuum". I also have a CD player in the mix for convenience but it pales in comparison when switching back and forth. I am a DIY guy, so most of my equipment has been modified. I get frustrated when big labels take the cheap route and use electrolytic coupling caps, NE5532 op-amps, etc.
Music Preferences
I listen to pretty much anything but have a soft spot for female vocals and classic rock.
Room Description
Formal living room at front door. Focus of room is audio system with cathedral ceiling. One couch at ideal listening position.
Acoustic Treatment
Wall tapestry and corner bass blocker.
Listening Impressions
The system is very transparent and revealing. There are some poorly-produced CD's that I can no longer listen to! I have also used the HiFi News noise track and can turn both my pre-amps to full volume driving 35WPC into speakers with 101dB sensitivity with only a slight hum.
Other Comments
This system is always in a constant state of evolution. I am currently building a Pass Zen v1 and BOZ to toy with the solid state Class A realm. I plan to do the CCS upgrade to the Seduction, replace the volume knobs on the Foreplay with Goldpoint stepped attenuators as well as replace the Dynaco driver with the Lo gain version to eliminate the need for the Luminous Passive. Someday I also wish to build a set of Paramount 300B monoblocks.
Digital Source
NAD C521BEE with removed output bypass caps, OPA627's, Dynamat and Vibrapods
Analog Source
Rega P2, Denon DL-103R on isolated 1" marble slab; Magnum Dynalabs FT-101 with OPA627's and bypassed output caps
Denon AU-300 SUT; Bottlehead Seduction with Auri-Caps and NOS Amperex 7308's; Bottlehead Foreplay with Auri-Caps, RCA Cleartops and Russian teflon shunt bypass; Luminous Audio Axiom Passive Caddock edition
Power Amp
Dynaco ST-70 with tubes4hifi Driver, Auri-Caps, RCA Cleartops, JJ KT77 outputs, triode/pentode switch and 4x original PS capacitance
Klipsch RF-7's with Dean Wescott crossover mod
Speaker Cable
DIY Speaker Cables
DIY Interconnects
Maple Audio Rack (forgot mfg name)
Power Cond
Other Components
Winegard HD-8200U with FM splitter