Minneapolis Blues, a Two-channel Audio System by adamaley

Room Size
System Overview
The aim was to weld together a system that would be very simple, non-fussy and non-intrusive. At the same time, it should produce music, that at the bare minimum, is musical; no digital disturbances, full bodied yet lithe, rhythmic and pacy to ultimately bring about involvement on my part.
Music Preferences
Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Classical, World music, Regional Mexican, Hiplife....anything moving...
Acoustic Treatment
6 ATS Acoustic panels. 2 @ side first reflections, 2 @ ceiling first reflections, 2 bass traps 2 GIK acoustics monster bass traps
Listening Impressions
Viscerally Musical. Clean power leads to deep inner vision into the music.
Media Storage
Computer hard drive.
Digital Source
Squeezebox 3 Classic / Red Wine Audio Isabellina
Other Sources
Rotel RCD-975
Red Wine Audio Isabella
Power Amp
Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2
Acoustic Zen Adagios (Metallic Grey/Black)
Speaker Cable
Gregg Straley Reality speaker cables
Stereovox HDXV 2 digital interconnect, Gregg Straley Reality Interconnects
Power Cables
None (Battery Powered)
Sennheiser HD-580 / EMU USB 0404
Sanus Systemes
Power Cond
Powervar 12
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple blocks underneath all components. Otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary.