Gopher's Audio Progression, a Two-channel Audio System by Gopher

Room Size
16x10 L
System Overview
I have recently embraced the fact that my stereo is in a multi purpose room and purchased speakers meant to be placed near the wall while also swapping my separates for a very attractive remote controlled Melody Integrated amplifier. I also ditched ALL of my room treatments. The result is a bit of a surprise as I have better sound, freed up cash and have a more orderly living room!
Music Preferences
I'm all over the map.
Room Description
I have a medium/large open room that flows into my kitchen and dining area. Unfortunately my listening room doubles as my family room. Many people feel this is the way hifi should be and that man-cave will lead to the death of the hobby... I for one am longing for the day I can have a dedicated space. Although I've largely resolved some bad room issues I was having even with things 'under control' I long for a better space.
Listening Impressions
Tonally saturated, harmonically full, well textured, nimble and transparant. Staging is natural and bass is the best I've heard.
Digital Source
Metrum Octave
Analog Source
Kuzma Kuzma Stogi S & Stabi S with SAE 1000e
Other Sources
Bolder modified Logitech Touch & Bolder PSU w/ Bybee Music Rails
Monolithic PS-1/HC-1B phono preamp
Power Amp
Melody MK88 & Redgum RGi120 ENR
Zu Definition MK2 (nanotec drivers on the way)
Speaker Cable
Wywire v2
Wywire v3, Hot Sauce, Ltespeed SPDIF and USB
Power Cables
Triode Wire Lab 8, 10, 12 and Sablon Audio Grand Corona and Zu Births on my sub amps
Cheap crap from Target
Power Cond
Pi Audio Uberbuss
Tuning and Tweaks
Herbies Audio Labs decoupling gliders, tenderfeet and grungebusters