joegator81's Music and Media Room, a Integrated A/V System by joegator81

Room Size
System Overview
I think my system has come a long way. As of right now it is detailed but not in spite of musicality and natural warmth. Dynamics are still great. I've made some recent changes to my analog source and power amps that have increased detail, treble smoothness, and natural warmth that i'm really happy with. Music, movies, video games - no matter, they are all at the best theyve ever been. Things will continue to change but i can't complain about what i've got.
Music Preferences
It would be easier to list the little bit of music i don't like but... a few artists i'm big on: pearl jam, james (way underrated), pink floyd, massive attack, jennifer warnes, flim and the bb's, rusted root, miles davis, pat matheny, faith no more, vangelis, ray lamontagne, alice in chains, nirvana, metallica, herbie hancock, etc
Movie Preferences
Lost in Translation, Apocalypse Now, High Fidelity, Star Wars, anything Kubrick, old samurai flicks, etc
Room Description
My room is an approx. 18x15 ft. rectangular bedroom w/ a bay window on on the west wall and a closet that protrudes into the room on the east wall. The walls are all wood frame and will really let you know when the low end is kicking (can be frustrating at times). The floors are tile and have been mostly covered w/ two big high pile area rugs.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK acoustic panels along most of the walls. Small Auralex corner traps in the front corners behind the speakers. The three windows and the closet are all covered w/ heavy curtains. Acoustic dispersion panels on the bedroom door directly behind the listening position. As mentioned above, two large high pile rugs have worked wonders on the tile floors. Also have the TT isolated w/ a subdude and a maple platform and vibrapods underneath. Epik sub has an eDesign isolation platform underneath.
Listening Impressions
I have changed a lot w/ this system lately. I have changed carts many times on my Technics (Ortofon Black > AT150mlx > Shure m97xE). I really like the Shure on this table. I've also added the Phenomena II in place of the 640P. I've just made my most recent upgrade which was the purchase of a Clearaudio Concept w/ MC cartridge. The combo is very neutral and i have to say quite smooth on top though not recessed like the shure. Trebles are there minus the harsh sibilants that have been present w/ some other gear i have owned. A lot of detail, warmth, musicality. I've also decided to change power amps and i now use a NAD c270 that i found for a great price. This amp gives me plenty of power and presents what some might call more relaxed and warm presentation. Though the dynamics are on tap when needed. I'm really liking where my system is going. Hopefully more upgrades to come to the digital side of things soon.
Media Storage
Ikea shelving for the records. Giant cd shelving in the closet behind curtains. 1 TB hard drive for ripped music. My "go to demo discs" and blu rays are stored on shelving in the bay window behind curtains.
Video Display
Samsung 1080p rear projection
Digital Source
Oppo BDP83
Analog Source
Clearaudio Concept w/ Concept MC , Technics 1700mkII w/ Shure m97xE
Onkyo TX-SR707
Parasound Classic 2100
Power Amp
NAD c270
Salk Songseries
Epik Legend
Speaker Cable
Bluejeans, Monoprice
Sennheiser HD500
Tuning and Tweaks
GIK, Subdude, eDesign sub isolation, vibrapods, maple cutting board used as a platform