2 channel/HT, a Multi-channel Audio System by BSTURGEON89

stereo room pics
Room Size
Roughly 15x20
System Overview
Well.....I'm finally at a stage where I'd like to share some pics with everyone. Some things you will notice.... I'm into lighting and have different set-ups depending on my mood and what I'm playing. One of the first things you will notice is the LED red rope lighting. This just puts off enough light to be enjoyable. In the back of the room mounted above the door are 6 black lights. The bass traps in the rear corners have a green emitting light mounted on top of them that displays as "stars". Some say they look like bugs running around but pretty freaking cool to say the least. I think so anyhow and thats all that matters. I built bass traps for all the corners and also built some acoustic panels for the walls. The fabric happens to be curtains that worked out pretty well. They were doubled-sided so I took the backing off and they were suffice to use. The ceiling tiles that made it look like an office are now painted black. It gives the room a nice effect. There is still some cosmetic work yet to do. I have spikes coming for the SDAs and the sub. I have absolute black granite pads that I need to pick up for all 3 to sit on. I'm thinking that should look pretty damn sharp if I say so myself. I still need to trim out the door and the baseboards. Other than that, that is about it. The wires are a mess because I'm still tweaking. When I hung the panels for the first reflection spots, the speakers were moved back. I have since moved them forward and will most likely have to move them a little bit. That beast of a couch is being removed as soon as I can do it. All in all, I think I did pretty good with what I had to work with. It might not be best sounding room ever built but I will say it sounds pretty damn sweet to me. Any suggestions are more than welcome. I know I'm pushing the boundaries with the SDAs as far as setup goes. Thanks Brock