Living Room Two-Channel, a Two-channel Audio System by 11rufus11

Room Size
15' X 24'
System Overview
I purchased every component used, so I saved several hundred dollars off of retail. Each piece is in excellent to mint condition. I was given the Audience AR1P power conditioner for free from a maintenence man from where I work! I am new to the hi-fi scene so I do not have too much else to compare it to. I formed this system by doing a bit of research on the 'net. I think I did fairly well with this budget system. I need to get a better rack in the future. I plan to get a better system in about two to three years so I will listen to any advice until then and I will listen to several components at high-end stereo dealers up until that point of upgrade. Until then, I enjoy this system greatly!
Music Preferences
Jazz, Classical, Alternative Rock
Room Description
Small to mid-size living room with carpeting on the floor.Thick drapes covering the windows. No obstructions.
Digital Source
Music Hall CD25.2
Other Sources
Atoll TU80 Tuner
Power Amp
Creek Audio 5350SE Integrated Amp
Quad 12L2 Monitors Bi-wired
Speaker Cable
Audioquest Rocket 33
Kimber Kable Hero
Grado SR-80i
Cheap Rack
Power Cond
Audience AR1P