Farm House Living Room System, a Two-channel Audio System by bside123

VR-35 2
Room Size
Open Room 28' X 26' (Effective Listening Area 20' X 15')
System Overview
This Farm House Living Room System is largely built for a big-room living experience with a large sound stage. This system is fun, life like and sounds natural.
Music Preferences
All Across the Board
Room Description
Large Open Room with 28' Vaulted Ceiling, Timber Frame Construction in a Beautiful Rural Location
Acoustic Treatment
Nothing Special in this Room, Wool Persian Carpet on the Floor
Listening Impressions
Very Large Soundstage, Natural Imaging, Concert Hall or Large Venue Effect
Media Storage
2011 Apple Mac Mini with Oyen External Hard Drive
Digital Source
Ayre CX-7e MP --- dB Labs Tranquility SE USB DAC, Mac Mini Server
Analog Source
VPI HW-19 MK IV - Highly Upgraded: 27lb Superplatter, Super Armboard, Customized Suspension, VPI SAMA, VPI SDS, HRX Mini-Feet
Other Sources
VPI JMW 10.5i Tonearm w/ Nordost Valhalla Wiring, ZYX 4D MC Cartridge
Signal Processors
VTL 5.5 Upgraded Board
Power Amp
McCormack Ultra Platinum DNA 0.5 Customized Monoblocks
Von Schweikert Audio VSA VR-35
Janis W-1 with Janis Interphase 1-A Crossover Amplifier
Speaker Cable
Double Runs of My Audio Cables (MAC) CuQ
My Audio Cables (MAC) Mystics, Gaylord Chinchilla, Zu XAUS Phono Cables
Power Cables
My Audio Cables (MAC) Burley w/ Furutech Connectors, MAC Ultra w/ Furutech Connectors, MAC Digital PC, TGI Audio Silver PC
Zoethecus 4 & Zoethecus 3, Z-Slabs additionally Modified with Portland Shelving
Power Cond
P.I Audio Uberbuss
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple Blocking, Cryo Treated Hubbell AC Outlets, Furutech & HiFi Tuning Fuses
Other Components
McCormack Micro Phono Drive (Ultra Platinum Upgrade), Eastern Electric MiniMax Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp (Upgraded by Tom Tutay), VPI SDS TT Controller, Lindahl SUT