Simple as possible, but no simpler, a Two-channel Audio System by stehno

Blue Speakers a large
Room Size
12 x 21 x 8
System Overview
Roughly 65% of entire system cost is dedicated to proper vibration mgmt and proper AC mgmt, and that makes all the difference. Once a proper foundation has been laid, then aall other componentry are able to perform at their full potential. For electrical, all cables, plugs, outlets, IEC connectors and inlets, and fuses are cryo-treated via full immersion by Jena Labs.
Music Preferences
Enjoy many types. Nearly half of my library consists of 60's, 70's, and 80's pop. Learning to really appreciate choral music. I find Windham Hill recordings to consistently be among the better recordings and thorough enjoy their music.
Room Description
Minimalist, symetrical, not the best dimensions but not the end of the world either.
Acoustic Treatment
None. Focus is more on placement of speakers and speaker interaction with the room. The closer one gets to processing all of the music info embedded in a given recording the more acoustic treatment becomes a non-issue. The only way I know this can be accomplished is employing superior AC mgmt and superior vibration controlling methodologies.
Listening Impressions
Most musical I've yet encountered.
Media Storage
Floor to ceiling bookshelves in back of room.
Other Comments
When it comes to high-end anything, less is most always more. Several years ago went from seperate preamp and 2 mono-block amps to a single integrated component. If indeed mechanical distortions (and to a lesser degree noisy AC), all else remaining the same, it stands to reason that 2 less chassis' capturing air-borne and generating internal vibrations and 2 less power supplies that need to be treated for noisy AC should make a significant difference. It did. Last year I went from the int. amp and CDP to a pair of tiny mono blocks and using the passive volume attenuator in my CDP. Since the amps are powerful 575wpc the passive volume control has done wonders to take the instruments' initial attacks out of my face and put them back on the soundstage where they belong with the rest of the music. I still have one of the most dynamic playback systems ever heard but now in a much more natural sense and with a distance between my ears planted well into the perceived audience and the music on the soundstage where it belongs.
Digital Source
Volume attenuator at the OPPO 105D which is using the 32-bit SABRE DAC's for incredible performance.
Power Amp
W4S SX-1000 575 class D mono block amps
Speaker Cable
Audio Tekne cryo treated by Jena Labs
BPT silver XLRs cryo'ed by Jena Labs
Power Cables
Built-in to dedicated line conditioners - cryo'ed by Jena Labs
Dynamic Contrasts RTS design
Power Cond
Foundation Research (3) LC-10's with built-in power cables cryo'ed by Jena Labs as are the Furutech plugs and IEC connectors
Tuning and Tweaks
4 Dedicated lines, two 20 amp, 2 15 amp, all Romex cryo'ed. Circuits wired at the same phase/leg of service panel.
Other Components
Custom cable lifters. All internal fuses cryo'ed by Jena Labs. Custom mini-rack for passive and dedicated line conditioners to lift off the floor for improved clardity and also for additional improvements by extreme vibration controlling methods.