2 systèmes 2 channels..., a Two-channel Audio System by ducky7566

Room Size
Room 30 m2 do... 6 meter X 5 meter
System Overview
1 system is composed of two blocks extreme stratos mono ODYSSEY, a preamp audioresearch SP 16, a cd player tube Yaqin SD 32A. I also use a drive on PROCEED PMDT D converter 3 DAC 2000 LAB 24/96 MY SPEAKERS ARE INFINITY KAPPA 9a AND JBL studio monitor 4435 ... I also have a tube amp, Yaqin MS 88 B, which I use with the cd Yaqin, and especially on KAPPA9A I like two different sounds of the amps and speakers, the sweetness, the next "soft" and refined kappa and the passion and the impact of 4435 ...