Are we there yet , a Integrated A/V System by Berto

Room Size
System Overview
Music Preferences
With good recordings, it all shines.
Movie Preferences
Sports because you can mute and jam to tunes at same time :)
Room Description
Acoustic Treatment
Waiting on custom treatments from Dale Pitcher.
Listening Impressions
Media Storage
3TB PCM and 2TB DSD and growing. All backed up on seperate external just in case.
Satellite or Cable
HD Cable
Video Display
Panasonic V10 50inch Plasma on articulating dual arm mount hooked up to PC video card via HDMI
Digital Source
Digilampizator feeding a Lampizator BIG7 DSD > BooYayyy
Lampi direct has more purity so I kicked the Dude to the curb. Lata Dude :)
Power Amp
TRL Stereo 100 and Samson Stereo. One tube monster 100watts and one SS monster 300 watts. THey sound huge, effortless, and friggin musical bro.
Mosaic Acoustic Illumination Speakers. Fully tricked out.
Speaker Cable
Dana top of the line
Dana top of the line
Power Cables
Mosaic Acoustics
Sistrum SP101s, SP004s and the new backstage rack.
Power Cond
Theorem Wavebridge. Another SOTA prod from the mind of Dale Pitcher
Tuning and Tweaks
Maestro outlet with Oyaide Carbon fiber faceplate and nice tube collection.