Reference System, a Two-channel Audio System by PhilNYC

Primary Reference System - Blue Circle BC 3000mk II preamp with GZpz power supply - tubed, dual-mono
Blue Circle BC206 - fully-balanced hybrid stereo amp (tubed input stage, 180wpc)
Oracle CD1000 Transport
Dodson Audio DA-218 DAC (Acoustic Zen MC^2 digital cable)
Slim Devices Squeeze Box 2 Network Music Server
Focus Audio FS-888 floorstanding loudspeaker
Audience adept Response power conditioner
Acoustic Zen Absolute interconnects, Hologram II speaker cables
TAOC AS-4 equipment racks
Room Size
System Overview
Reference system, using mix of solid state, tube, and hybrid SS/Tube gear.
Music Preferences
Jazz (everything from Miles Davis to Weather Report), Classic Rock, Acoustic Blues, World Music, Chamber Music
Room Description
Fairly large finished basement with average (8ft) ceilings. In-ceiling vents create small sections of lower ceiling heights (7ft). Room is treated with Eighth Nerve Adapt products...because of in-ceiling vents, a complete treatment requires 16 Adapt Rectangles and 20 Adapt Triangles. Also use 14 GIK Acoustics 244 panels to manage reflections (and provide aesthetics I wanted in the room).
Acoustic Treatment
Eighth Nerve Adapt Triangles (20) and Rectangles (16); GIK Acoustics 244 Panels (14); Walls are stuffed with Owens Corning R30 Fiberglass insulation.
Digital Source
Dodson DA-218 DAC, Oracle CD1000 transport, Slim Devices Transporter
Analog Source
Other Sources
Arcam T61 Tuner
Signal Processors
Blue Circle BC3000mkII GZpz dual-mono balanced solid state preamp
Power Amp
Blue Circle BC206 hybrid stereo amp (180wpc)
Focus Audio Signature FS-888
Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Hologram II
Acoustic Zen Absolute
Power Cables
Audience powerChord on all front end gear, Blue Circle BC62 on amp
Cayin HA-1A headphone amp; Beyerdynamics DT880 headphones
Two TAOC AS-4 Audio Racks.
Power Cond
Audience adeptResponse12 power conditioner for all front-end gear. Audience aR1p for power amp. Two 20A dedicated AC lines from dedicated sub-panel
Tuning and Tweaks
SRA Acoustic Platform for BC206 amp