Wizard454 - 2 Channel, a Two-channel Audio System by Wizard454

Full system - Shows cmplete system consisting of: 
Power amps: Odyssey Audio Extreme Mono S.E.'s 
Pre-amp: Sonic Frontiers Line2 SE 
Source #1: Sony SCD333ES SACD/CD player under pre-amp
Source #2: Toshiba DVD3650 DVD player 1st item in rack
Source #3 (and my favourite): Cary CD308 2nd item in rack
4th item is HI-FI VCR
Our huge 21" TV with another HI-FI VCR below it.
System Overview
Preamps - Bryston BP26 and S. F. Line2 SE++ DAC - Bryston BDA-1, Audioquest King Cobra XLR's & Nordost Shaman Digital Interconnect's Power amps - Odyssey Audio Mono Extreme SE's CDP - Cary CD308 (solid state) SACD/CDP - Sony SCD333ES Speakers - Paradigm Reference Studio 60V2's Sub - Paradigm Servo 15v1