Merlin Music VSM MXM Black Magic / Music Reference/ Cardas/ Audio Aero System, a Two-channel Audio System by rbwalt

Room Size
13w x 19L x 12H
System Overview
A two way that is dam good!!!!!
Music Preferences
most except Rap, country with exceptions.
Acoustic Treatment
Eighth Nerve corner seams and triangles. Echo Buster panels. ASC panels.
Listening Impressions
The new Black Magic's are fantastic! This speaker has to be one of the very best out there. They have to be heard to believed. They have a mid range and top end that are fantastic! The bottom end is very very good for a 6.5" driver! The sound is very continuous from top to bottom. Grain free with great sound staging and vary natural.This speaker still stands out as marvel for a two way today.
Other Comments
Always available for anyone who wishes to have a listen. Room has a dedicated AC power line using Cardas outlets and Audience In Wall Wire.
Digital Source
Audio Aero Capitole Classic SE up graded with Dueland caps, cyro buffered tubes.
Joule Electra LA150SE line stage
Power Amp
Music Reference RM9SE, tubed with EL34 NOS Siemens custom matched output tubes from music reference/ ram labs. There were only 19 of these amps made buy one of the top 5 audio designers in the country Roger Modjeski
Merlin Music VSM Black Magic's. A fantastic sounding two way that puts the hurt on so many it is not funny.
Speaker Cable
Cardas Clear Rev 1
Cardas Clear Beyond
Power Cables
Cardas Clear Beyond XL
Room Tunes, Timbernation amp platform sitting on mega spikes
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
Critical Mass Rize's under CDP, Amp and Pre
Other Components
Master BAM(with latest cardas clear wire upgrade) and Master RC's

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