My Glowing System, a Two-channel Audio System by kgturner

Room Size
17'6 x 17'8 x 10
System Overview
This is my primary 2-channel system. The emphasis is on synergy and musicality. I feel I have achieved a very high level of both with this system. It excels at all genres of music from blues and classical to industrial and metal. Everything I have played on it comes across with a full range of emotion, depth, nuance, and power. As you can see, I have also integrated my home theater into the same room as my 2-channel system. However, I use different speakers, sources, and cabling with my home theater. The home theater gear is housed in a actively vented closet with the components being controlled via IR repeaters.
Digital Source
Pitch Music Server
Analog Source
VPI Aries 3 w. JMW-10.5i Tonearm, Classic Platter, Dynavector DV-20XL Cartridge, VPI Periphery Ring, Center Weight, & HR-X Mini Feet
Signal Processors
Line Magnetic LM-502CA
Manley Chinook Phono Stage
Power Amp
Line Magnetic LM-518IA
Spatial Audio M4 Turbo SE
Rythmik Audio F12SE (dual subs)
Speaker Cable
Pitch Cables Obsidian
Pitch Cables Onyx RCA, Pitch Cables Midnight AES/EBU
Power Cables
Pitch Cables Ebony (12 gauge) & Pitch Cables Nocturne (10 gauge)
Core Audio MOD3
Power Cond
BPT BP-3.5 Signature & BPT CPC
Tuning and Tweaks
Phoenix Engineering Eagle Power Supply & Roadrunner Tachometer