Digital Glory, a Two-channel Audio System by HerculePirate

Room Size
25ft x 15ft x 15ft
System Overview
Genelec 8260A speakers
Listening Impressions
Perfection with a slight touch of warmth added digitally.... (no more needed though since the 8260A sound great the way they are)
Media Storage
Synology 8TB DS410 Server
Digital Source
iMac / Windows 7 - M2Tech EVO USB to AES/EBU; Foobar2000, Itunes & JRiver Media Center accessed remotely by iPad
Analog Source
Lenco L75; Cambridge Audio Preamp; Behringer DEQ2496
Signal Processors
Voxengo, SPL Twin Tube and Red Devil VST plugins
Genelec 8260A Active DSP Monitors
Mogami 3173 AES/EBU cables; SES-XLR AB Switch for other digital inputs.

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