Main System, a Two-channel Audio System by Triode Pete

Room Size
18.5' Wide X 13.5' Deep X 10' High at peak
System Overview
Well Tempered Reference turntable/ Clearaudio Maestro... SACD Player: Sony S9000-ES... CD Player: Goldenote Stibbert IV with cryo'd Voshkod Rocket Logo 6DJ8's... Preamp: Loesch & Wiesner Western Electric 417A w/Phono & Line Stage... Amplifier: BorderPatrol S10 EXD with Western Electric 300B tubes... Tuner: McIntosh MR-78... Power Conditioner: PI Audio Group superduper UBER buss w/ Furutech... Cables: Triode Wire Labs Cable loom... Speaker: 1974 Klipsch Klipschorn (KB-RO), hot-rodded with all Volti Audio horns and drivers, including the Volti Audio crossover.
Music Preferences
Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock... I love it all!
Listening Impressions
Slamming fidelity!
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs, what else???
Power Cond
PI Audio UberBuss, the best!