Old Timer, a Two-channel Audio System by mikecole

Later system components
Room Size
System Overview
My Dad bought this Ampex console in 1957, so I pretty much grew up with it and now I own it. It has vintage type sound, but these speakers have a lot of presence and are an easy load at 93dB. I have since updated to to the Reynaud Bliss loudspeakers, which major on musical flow. I listen mainly to LP, but since getting a Squeezebox Touch and mating that to the Metrum Quad DAC, I have finally found digital sound that I can live with. The Leben integrated gives me both PRaT and tonality - love it.
Music Preferences
mostly classic rock type stuff with a bit of classical, female vocal and easy listening thrown in
Digital Source
Squeezbox Touch mated to a Metrum Quad DAC
Analog Source
Linn LP-12 / Ekos / Cirkus / Dyna 10x5
Power Amp
Leben CS300XS
Speakers from a 1957 Ampex console, Reynaud Bliss