Relaxation Central, a Two-channel Audio System by Mijknarf

System 9.7.19
Room Size
System Overview
Exactly as the name describes... my room to unwind and relax. I try to maintain as simple a system as I can and also try not to overthink every last detail. It brings great joy and stays relevant for me over the long haul.
Music Preferences
Current rotation is instrumental jazz from the 60's all the up to today. Monty Alexander, Tommy Flanagan, Kirk Lightsey, Oscar Peterson, Bill Charlap. Also in rotation are bass masters like Ron Carter, Charlie Haden, Ray Brown. Jazz of today like Dan Siegel, David Benoit, Jeff Lorber, Jeff Golub. I also like acoustic music which is both relaxing, uncomplicated and sounds particularly fine on the system... Dave Matthews, Jackson Browne, Lyle Lovette.
Room Description
Bonus room over garage. Nothing special, but its all mine.
Listening Impressions
Large sound stage with air between the instruments and plenty of decay is what I like. It may not be the most accurate playback, but I enjoy it.
Media Storage
I have about 700 CDs ripped in FLAC to a 750 Gig USB hard drive. I use Windows 10 with an output mode in WASAPI. I use J.River Media Center as my software.
Digital Source
Schiit Bifrost II. Without getting nuts, not sure how I can do better?
Currently rotating between a very transparent Placette Audio Remote Volume Control. It has a 125 step attenuator that uses only Vishay resistors and the classic deHavilland Mercury 3 preamp.
Power Amp
Dynaco ST70 amp rebuilt by Will Vincent (class act). Genelex Golden Lion KT66 re-issues. The output transformers are original matched pairs.
I use Lowther PM5A 15 ohm drivers and Tone Tubby Red AlNiCo 16 ohm bass drivers. The Lowthers run full range direct wired, the TT bass drivers use a single Jantzen Audio 12mH 14 AWG C-Coil Toroidal Inductor to low pass around 100Hz. They work super well
SVS SB12-NSD sealed 12" sub low passed around 80Hz.
Speaker Cable
Belden 9497 2.5 meter twisted speaker cables
Blue Jeans Cable LC-1. 3 sets.
Power Cables
USA made Volex power cords I've owned since 2006.
DIY Flexi rack
Power Cond
Nothing really besides Porter ports