Office System, a Two-channel Audio System by ebag4

Room Size
System Overview
MicroRendu-TWL Spirit Dongle USB-Auralic Vega DAC-Bottlehead Kaiju 300B amp Servo Sub Amp(x2)- 300B feeds GR Research NX Otica, Servo Sub Amps drive 2x12" servo drivers housed in a "H"Frame alignment per channel AC Devices: Powered through Pi Audio UberBuss
Music Preferences
Rock, Blues, some Jazz
Room Description
Small Room however with treatments less of an issue than when I started in this room.
Acoustic Treatment
Rockwool Corner Bass Traps, 703 Panels at first reflection and solid triangular ceiling/wall corner treatments (reflective not absorption), Frontwall has a large Parabolic diffusor (I will soon be replacing Parabolic Diffusor with Pi Audio Diffusors)
Listening Impressions
Improving with tweaks and speaker positioning. Best Soundstage I have experienced in this room. The last two items changed (V1 tops to Wedgies and now NX Oticas) and DAC have made large improvements in my system, by far the best it has sounded.
Digital Source
Synology NAS-MicroRendu to Auralic Vega via TWL Spirit Dongle USB
Auralic Vega
Power Amp
Bottlehead Kaiju 300B in custom base
GR Research NX Oticas with 2x12" Servo Subs in "H" Alignment
Speaker Cable
Morrow Audio SP-5
High Fidelity CT-1
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs 12 and Stock
V-moda XS
42"x18"x1.25" Slab of Granite, soon to be sitting on a bed of sand
Power Cond
Pi Audio Uber Buss
Tuning and Tweaks
DIY Diffusion and Absorption, Herbies Tenderfeet, Baby Booties and Tube Dampers