GR Research LS9s, a Two-channel Audio System by toddbagwell

Lights On
Room Size
17ft wide ; 24 ft. long ; 10 ft ceilings
System Overview
Wyred4Sound DAC-2 Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp 2 outlaw m200 monoblocks per speaker Homebuilt iTunes music server with 2 TB HDD storage vault. GIK acoustics room kit #4 with 5 extra Monster Traps and 2 QRD diffusors. 14 Auralex Q-fusors on ceiling
Music Preferences
Metal/Rock Jazz Symphonic Classical
Room Description
dedicated space. no natural light. 120 dedicated amps of electrical current.
Listening Impressions
quite nice. Using DEQ2496 for room EQ prior to initial DAC conversion.
Media Storage
Hdd with server