Analog Heaven, a Two-channel Audio System by jtsnead

PSB Imagine T3
Room Size
12' x 15'
System Overview
PSB Imagine T3, Dodd Audio Tube Buffer, Audio Research LS 17SE, Acoustic Imagery Atsah 500 , DIY Super Class D amp dual mono, VPI Scout, Trans-Fi T3 ProTonearm w/ Tomahawk Arm Wand silver wire, Ortofon Quintent Black, Dynavector 20X2 L, LKV Research Phono 2-SB Phono Stage, Oppo BDP 105, Wireworld Eclipse 7, XLO Ref3, Solidtech rack
Music Preferences
Jazz, rock, bluegrass, female vocals
Room Description
Basement room dedicated to 2 channel audio
Acoustic Treatment
Room tunes, bass traps
Other Comments
This all started (upgrading to a tube system) in March when I had surgery, I had time on my hands so I started looking at speakers traded my Gallo 3.1 in on the Joseph Audio RM25XL, improved my sound so much that I wanted to try a tube amp, got the Rogue Audio Model 88 here used retubed, I LIKE IT TUBES AGAIN, so I sold some interconnectsm bought the Modwright SWL9.0SE also on Agon, another step up, really enjoying this system with what I have invested in it, buy the TransFi Terminator Tonearm PERIOD!! (about 1K) 10-24-09 Upgraded to Rogue Stereo 90 w/ Genelex KT88 reissue tubes, installed a 1 meter Mogami 2549 on tonearm, ans trying some Kimber Silver Streak between phono stage, preamp to amp, sold NAD M5, have a Sony SCD-XA5400es on order 12-02-09 System edited: Comparing XLO Ref 3 to Kimber Silver Streah right now, I like the XLO better on the cd player, will compare on phono stage next 12-23-09 System edited: Upgraded to the newest version of the Trans-fi Terminator Tonearm the model T3 Pro, has a little clearer midrange and better base, still an excelent buy 01-29-10 System edited: Replaced Kimber Silver Streak with XLO Ref3 between preamp and amp, phono stage to preamp, resulted in better overall balance of sound, I feel the Kimbers are good cables but not even through the entire frequency range. XLO is a very good value in cables. Also changed cable from tonearm to phono stage to a Furutech Ag-12 rca to rca, was worried about a silver plated copper interconnect but after burning it in on my tuner for a week I think this cable is as good as everybody has said, great imaging with detailed and focused soundstage. The Sony SCD-XA5400ES has completely burned in and it is a VERY GOOD cd player definetly gets better with time highly recommended 02-04-10 System edited: THANKS to Agon member Dgarretson for custom making a solid brass tonearm mount for my Trans-Fi T3 Pro tonearm. Installed last night provides better focus, dynamics and tighter base HIGHLY reccomended, contact David if you need a good tonearm base he is a wonderful person to deal with 8-7-10 Started trying class D stuff again. I really like how it spunds with a tube preamp. Bought a Virtue Audio one.2 which lead me to building my own classdamp amp, like it alot and I can leave it on all the time, sold my Rogue which was a really hard decision.
Digital Source
Oppo BDP 105
Analog Source
Trans-Fi T3 Pro Terminator Air Bearing Tonearm, Nighthawk
Audio Research LS 17SE
Power Amp
Acoustic Imagery Atsah 500, ClassDamp SDS-254 Dual Mono 500 watt DIY amp
PSB Imagine T3
Speaker Cable
Wireworld Eclipse 7
Wireworld Eclipse 7
Power Cables
PS Audio
Power Cond

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