Caractacus Potts DIY Club, a Two-channel Audio System by Stuart Cohen

Turntable: Rega, P3.,
Top Shelf: Marantz, SACD, CD.,
Middle Shelf: Hagerman Bugle SS Phono Stage, Extended Bottlehead Foreplay III.,
Bottom Shelf: Dynakit Mark III., Bottlehead Seduction Phono Stage (In Progress).
System Overview
Digital Source
Marantz SA 8001
Analog Source
Rega P5, (Cartridges) Dynavector 10X5, Soundsmith Modified Rega Elys, Rega Elys
Other Sources
(Phono Pre) Hagerman Bugle Solid State, Bottlehead Seduction (In Progress)
Extended Bottlehead FP3, Bottlehead Quicke with PJCCS
Power Amp DynaKit Mark III, Brian Bell, LM3886
Selah Audio SSR and Madisound Cygnet MK2
Speaker Cable
Nordost, Super Flatline, Kimber 8PR, Sound King 10Ga
DIY Canare, Cardas RCA
Power Cables
Haven't created them YET
Power Cond
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
Other Components
TTWeights Middle Weight, DIY Record cleaning platform, DIY record brushes