TJ's 2-Channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by TJHUB

Room Size
13' x 19' with vaulted ceiling.
System Overview
Music Preferences
Virtually anything but Country music, and even that line gets crossed now and again.
Room Description
Living room setup as dedicated 2-channel room with 50" plasma TV/soundbar for occasional viewing.
Acoustic Treatment
A mixture of 18"x18"x4", 24"x24"x4" and 24"x48"x4" ATS Acoustics panels.
Media Storage
Synology NAS
Digital Source
Custom PC: Streacom FC5 Case, (S1200KPR/XEON CPU), Windows Server 2016 Core, AudiophileOptimizer, JPLAY 6.2, Foobar 2000, and MonkeyMote as a remote. PC feeds an iFi USB Purifier 2 into a DIYHK Pro3z SPDIF converter with an Acoustic Zen Absolute 75 SPDIF
Signal Processors
Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus (DEXA (Special Edition) dual opamps in positions 1 & 2, Burson v5 single opamps in positions 3 & 4 - no tube)
Tortuga LDR3.V2
Power Amp
Odyssey Audio Stratos Extreme SE monoblocks
Salk HT3 (natural redgum finish)
Speaker Cable
Coz Cables (PCOCC)
Sweet Spot Reveal Coppers
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs 10 American's on monoblocks
VTI BL series.
Other Components
HDPlex 100W linear power supply powering PC, SPDIF converter, and preamp. 5V LT3045 DC regulator on PC 2.5" OS drive.