Second Rig at the Beach, a Bedroom/Den System by luiegueb362

Sounds at the Beach
Room Size
System Overview
A nice combination of VAC PA-90 VIntage Monoblocks Tube Amplifiers from Kevin Hayes, and B&W 602 s3 with a vintage SDT-a490T Tube CD Player from Carver, excelent linearity and stage for a second rig, of course the sound will never be like mi principal equipment but, it´s better that way to stay always close to the music.
Music Preferences
Jazz of course, all the variations about it.
Room Description
It´s a rectangular place with a wood floor on it, a lot of glass windows but i try to compensate with some couchs and carpets in some places, but anyway is ok, always remember the WAF in this matters (Wife Acceptance Factor) is absolutly important
Listening Impressions
The separation between the speakers is aprox four meters, sounds very nice, warm and clearly a low or medium volume, it´s a equipment to hear music quietly, of course i can´t compare it to the main rig at home, it´s like a drive a Audi in the morning an a hunday in the afternoon, but anyway like some people said, just do it.
Other Comments
I don´t try to change this system to much because i go there maybe a one time in a month only, in vacacions times is ok.
Digital Source
Carver SDa-490T Vacuum Tube CD Player
Video Display
Samsung LCD Monitor 42"
Marantz PM-7001 Integrated Amplifier used only the Pre section
Power Amp
Valve Amplicication Company PS-90 Monoblocks Tube Amplifiers
B&W 602S3
Tuning and Tweaks
German speakers stands
Other Components
Denon DVD Player