Sweet Sounds from the South, a Two-channel Audio System by luiegueb362

Room Size
System Overview
Still growing all the days, I fell audiophile from 20 years ago, but in the last two years I already have the time and the tranquility to dedicated to the music, all the weeks discover a new frontier with the help of a exclusive friends around me. The combination of VTL´s and the 803s with this cables is stunning, magic. Deep sound and incredible stage, with the posibilities of tuning in much ways changing the tubes of all the components (CD Player, Pre and Powers), all the days you can hear a new equipment.
Music Preferences
Jazz of all types, a lot of Classics too, I collect music of all kinds and have a extensive collections of CD´s, Blue Rays, DVD´s and LP´s, inclusive Country and music from others countries around the world.
Room Description
It´s a nice room of 5x8 meters, rectangular, with the wood floor, a leather seat for two people in the center, two acoustic home made paints in the rear side opossite to the speakers.
Acoustic Treatment
Floor and the rear side
Listening Impressions
This room its a very neutral, I have a lot of lucky on this, some friends came to theirs speakers to provet it with magical results. Sometimes I tried to change the positions of the components to try, but forgetit.
Media Storage
I already have to much media to keep, actually is my next job to do, I put it in a empty room in order on the floor on in a closet, but i need to attend that urgently
Other Comments
Thanks to the people of Audio Circle, for this oportunity to share all our dreams and discovers.
Digital Source
Njoeb Tjoeb CD-4000 full version with all tweaks
Analog Source
Turntable Sony Vintage PSB-80 with XL-55 Pro MC Cartrigde
Other Sources
dw-1000 DAT AIWA / HP Media Server / Sony BDP-S550 Blue Ray
Contad & Johnson PV-12 (Phono version) with vintage tubes Siemens
Power Amp
VTL´s MB-300 Monoblocks Tube Amplifiers
B&W 803s
Speaker Cable
Straight Wire Maestro II
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II in all the equipments
Power Cables
Stealth Cloud Nine 4 power cables
Grado GS-1000
Power Cond
Monster HTS-5100 Signature
Tuning and Tweaks
Granite Bases and Micro Seiki Tip Toes for the Speakers
Other Components
Samsung 42" Plasma Monitor, Vintage Nakamichi Dragon Deck, VAC PS-90 Tube Power Monoblocks