2 channel, tubes and vinyl preferred, a Two-channel Audio System by toobluvr

system 013
System Overview
Digital Source
Metronome CD2V Signature, Talk Thunder 3.1b
Analog Source
Townshend Rock Reference Mk3, Kuzma Stogi Ref (wonderful but underrated arm), Dynavector DV20X-H, Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood, Clearaudio Maestro
Other Sources
Carver TX 11-A tuner
Signal Processors
Phono Sections: (1) Vista Audio ACLE phono section (MM)-- don't let the price fool ya, seriously good phono section. (2) Jasmine 2.0 (MM / MC)
YS Audio / Audio Experience Balanced A2 (w/ cap upgrade)
Power Amp
Alchemist Forseti APD20a "Signature Edition"
Sunny Cable H2W10 (2 way, 10 inch woofer, horn loaded mid/tweeter)
Speaker Cable
Morrow Audio SP2 (two pair for bi-wire shotgun)
Morrow Audio MA3 (to voice as needed: Argent Audio Jaden Sig, WireWorld Gold Eclipse, Electra Cable E-1)
Power Cables
Coincident, Audiodyne
DIY, 80-20 center channel aluminum + finished butcher block
Power Cond
Shunyata Hydra (original)
Tuning and Tweaks
NOS tubes / snake oil / flooby dust / crossed fingers / a generous smattering of wishful thinking & unrealistic expectations.
Other Components
Gone but fondly remembered: ASL 845 SET monos, Atma-Sphere M60s, Manley 300B "Retros", JuicyMusic Blueberry Xtreme V1 (w MC), Air Tight ATC-1, Meadowlark Heron "i", Spendor FL-9, Silverline Sonatina II, PBN Montana SP2, Gallo Nucleus Reference 2, Kuzma Stabi "S"/Stogi "S"