Timz 2-Channel, a Two-channel Audio System by timztunz

Room Size
18' x 24'
System Overview
Very natural, inviting and relaxing presentation. In early 2008 I decided to convert a game room to a dedicated 2-channel system. I had been out of "higher end" audio for several years. In my gallery there is a picture of that first system at the beginning of this conversion. A LOT has happened in less than 2 years!
Music Preferences
Rock, Jazz, Blues, R&B and a taste of Classical now and then
Room Description
In many ways I think my room is the best piece of gear in the mix.
Acoustic Treatment
Mostly ATS Acoustics but some DIY
Listening Impressions
Extremely low (as in non-existent) noise floor, music comes from a deep black background and just fills the space.
Media Storage
Custom made racks for LP/CD and Western Digital 4TB Firewire HD for digital files
Digital Source
Other Sources
Mac Mini ---> AIFF playback with iTunes/Pure Music ---> dB Audio Labs Essential USB cable ---> Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 4 w/ (2) Ultraclocks & Hynes Regulator
Power Amp
Plinius SA-Reference
Soliloquy 6.5 - It's a SHAME these are not made any more. A remarkable speaker!
Speaker Cable
Silver Circle Audio Monorails
Silver Circle Audio TimeWise XLR (w/ gold Furutech ends)
Power Cables
Silver Circle Audio Vesuvius, Dream State Audio "Dream Catcher" & "Lucid Dream"
Custom Made
Power Cond
Silver Circle Audio pure power one 5.0 (1 for amps and 1 for front end)
Tuning and Tweaks
Furutech GTX-D G wall outlet