Large room, a Bedroom/Den System by S Clark

Room Size
Big and irregular
System Overview
Detailed, dynamic, excellent with full orchestra
Music Preferences
classical, jazz, folk
Room Description
Large, bright, irregular- Bass traps in corners, lots of absorbers, lots of diffusers, lots of rugs
Digital Source
HAL's MS-1 computer, oppo 95, Custom Dodd dac
Dodd Battery Preamp
Power Amp
Moscode 401HR with cap and resistor upgrades
Other Components
Vinyl- Vyger Timor w Jelco 370 and Pioneer P3 tonearms, Dynavector 20x2L and Ortofon Quintet Blue, Audio Sensibility silver phono cable, Dodd phonostage........ I.C. and Power cables---Wywires, TWL, & Electra cables

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