Decal's Rig, a Two-channel Audio System by decal

Room Size
14x19x9 dedicated listening room.
System Overview
Music Preferences
Other Comments
Two dedicated 20A lines for equipment.
Digital Source
Marantz SA-8005 SACD Player w/ Modwright "Truth" mods
Analog Source
Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 w/Sumiko Blue Point #2 cartridge
Other Sources
PONO music player by Ayre connected via balanced cables. I-Pod thru SA8005 USB port.
Pro-Ject Tube Box II with NOS Sylvania 5751 tubes
Power Amp
Octave V70SE Tubed integrated Gold Lion KT-88 power tubes NOS Sylvania 5751 and NOS Raytheon 12AT7 in preamp section
Tyler Acoustics MM5
Speaker Cable
Morrow Audio SP4 Reference
AT Cables Gold Trace,Signal Cable Silver Resolution
Power Cables
PS Audio AC-5 (amp) & AC-3 (SACD Player)
DIY made with parts from 8020,inc and maple platforms from Tony's Woodworking.
Power Cond
PS Audio Soloist and Brickwall surge suppressor.
Tuning and Tweaks
Various Herbie's Audio Lab products.
Other Components
Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine