Evolution!, a Two-channel Audio System by gfroman

System Overview
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Acoustic Panels. Tube Traps.
Listening Impressions
High quality 2 channel music reproduction and home theater integration.
Digital Source
Mac-Mini music server modified by MOJO Audio, Joule Power Supply, 7000+ AIFF Music Files ------ OPPO 105 Universal Player/Blu-Ray movies only Boulder 1021 CD Player
Ayre QX-5 Twenty - Digital DA/Preamp Hub
Power Amp
AYRE MX-R TWENTY mono-block amps
Evolution Acoustics MM3 - Speakers
Speaker Cable
High Fidelity - Ultimate Reference speaker cables
High Fidelity - CT-1UR XLR cables
Power Cables
Shunyata - ALPHA HC and Digital power cords. High Fidelity - PRO HELIX + CT-1URR power cords
Billy Baggs PRO Stands
Power Cond
High Fidelity - Hemisphere Power Conditioner
Tuning and Tweaks
GIK Acoustic Panels. Tube Traps, StillPoints Feet.
Other Components
4 Dedicated Lines with 10ga. Cryo-treated Romex, Synergistic Research Tesla-Plex Cryoed Outlets.