Quoc's living room system, a Two-channel Audio System by

Room Size
17 x 14 x 8.5
System Overview
Music Preferences
Classical, Blues, Jazz
Room Description
The listening room is my living room 17x14x8.5. It is connected to the dining room 19 x 12 x 8. There is bass mode at 37hz from old floors on top of a basement.
Acoustic Treatment
Treated with bass panels (diy with Bonde Logic, GIK), diffusors (Auralex)
Media Storage
USB 1TB hard disk
Digital Source
California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD, Philips CD-880, Foobar 2000
Analog Source
Empire 598 turntable, Empire 888SE moving magnet, Rek-o-Kut w/ 12-inch wood tonearm
Other Sources
Lenovo T400 2.4Ghz running Vista Business
Signal Processors
California Audio Labs CL-2500 SSP (PCM1704 dac+Df1704 filter), Benchmark DAC-1 (AD1853 delta sigma dac)
California Audio Labs CL-2500 SSP, Benchmark DAC-1, 6BQ7 Don Allen SRPP line stage (Relcap Teflon, PS bypssed), Musical Fidelity x10v3 (little Pinky PSU, cap mods), PS Audio GCPH
Power Amp
K&Q Sound Genesis 300B Sakuma SET, 6A5 PP, 6B4G PP, Pilot SA-232 (Hovland/Theta/Blackgate), Dynaco ST-70 (Triode Electronics, Kimber Kap, Magnequest), Son of Ampzilla (Steve Sank)
K&Q Sound Genesis Model 1 Gold (AlphaCore 12-awg/Solen 10-awg coils, V-cap), Naim
Speaker Cable
diy Litzendraht Teflon air silver, Goertz Veracity MI2, Anti-cables
Aural Harmony silver, Wireworld USB, Signal
Stax SR40 electret
Power Cond
Dedicated 15-amp circuit