Laura's music room, a Two-channel Audio System by vinyl_lady

Daedalus 1.1 version 2 with Daedalus BOWs
Room Size
25 x 18 with cathedral ceiling on a 9/12 pitch with a 17 ft peak
System Overview
2-channel system featuring Daedalus DA-1.1 version 2 speakers with AP crossovers, new Daedalus drivers and trim rings, two Daedalus BOW sub woofers powered by a Bryston 4B ST, ModWright KWA 150 SE driving main speakers, ModWright LS/PS 36.5 DM pre amp, ModWright PH 150 phono stage, SME 20/2 with SME IV.Vi arm, Lyra Atlas cartridge analog front end and Oppo BDP 105 Darby with ModWright tube modification digital front end in an acoustically treated room pursuant to a Rives Audio design
Music Preferences
Classic and alternative rock; folk rock; country rock; alt-country; power pop; psychedelic 60's/70's; Doo Wop; blues; Canadian, American and British folk; contemporary Christian
Room Description
My music room is pretty much dedicated to music and watching sports and concert videos on the 65" plasma tv. It doubles as a family room when entertaining, but was designed and built to be primarily my listening room. It was an addtion to the back of my house, off the kitchen. French doors separate the music room from the kitchen
Acoustic Treatment
RPG Absorber panels on side walls and back ceiling above listening position; RPG BAD panels on side walls; built-in custom low frequency traps in corners behind speakers; 1/2 round plywood difusers next to wall mounted 65" Samsung Plasma HDTV between speakers
Listening Impressions
Very satisfying, tonally accurate with great dynamics. I can listen for hours upon hours with no listener fatique. Room treatments made a huge difference as did experimenting with speaker placement. This gives me a 3 diminsional soundstage with lots of detail, clarity and bass extension. The bass, mids & highs are fully integrated. I used a combination of listening and tips from Jim Smith's Get Better Sound to determine proper speaker location in my music room.
Media Storage
Extra deep bookshelves and custom built hardwood record storage racks; Boltz all steel CD and LP racks; Mapleshade Maple LP racks
Digital Source
Oppo BDP 105D Universal Player with ModWright tube modification with Sophia tubes powered by PS 9 power supply with Philips 5R4GYS rectifier tube
Analog Source
SME 20/2 with SME Series IV.Vi tone arm; Lyra Atlas, Lyra Skala and Sumiko Blackbird cartridges
ModWright LS/PS 36.5 DM dual box vacuum tube pre amp with Philips 5R4GYS rectifier tubes; ModWright PH 150 vacuum phono stage with Telefunken E88CC tubes ; Zesto Andros vacuum tube phono stage
Power Amp
ModWright KWA 150SE powering Daedalus DA 1.1 ver2; Bryston 4B ST powering Daedalus BOWs
Daedalus DA-1.1 version 2 with All Poly crossovers, Trim Rings and Daedalus 2015 Driver upgrade on maple/walnut/maple bases with spikes on Herbie's decoupling gliders
Two Daedalus BOWs (Bass Optimization Woofer) with spikes on Herbies decoupling gliders
Speaker Cable
Daedalus/Bolder on the DA-1.1s and Synergistic Research Alpha Quad with Active Shielding on the BOWs
WyWires Platinum (3) and AudioQuest Panther Interconnects (2); WyWires Platinum, Cardas Golden Reference and Bolder phono cables
Power Cables
WyWires Platinum (4); PS Audio Premier (2); Shunyata Taipan; Electra Cable; Emperical Design; WyWires Juice HC
Daedalus all hardwood custom audio racks on Herbies decoupling gliders
Power Cond
WyWires/Daedalus Power Broker plugged into PS Audio Soloist Premier outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit with a PS Audio Perfect Wave Power Plant 10 (P-10) plugged into Power Broker; Amps, pre amp, and all source equipment plugged into P-10
Tuning and Tweaks
Daedalus Isolation Devices; Audio Points; Hebie's decoupling gliders; Cable Towers to elevate speaker cables;
Other Components
Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 hard disk recorder for making 24/96 or Redbook CDs from vinyl.