a few good watts, a Two-channel Audio System by Redboy

Room Size
10 x 12
System Overview
"A few good watts" I'm a DIY junkie with a taste for the esoteric. Single-ended tube amplification, simple circuits, and short signal paths.
Music Preferences
More jazz than anything, but a random sampling of most other stuff.
Room Description
10" x 12" corner of a wonky shaped multi-purpose room in the basement
Acoustic Treatment
Carpet, a plush sectional couch and the occasional cat that wanders through
Listening Impressions
I'm lost in the midrange. Tone is everything and I'll give up frequency extremes to get it. Quality over quantity.
Media Storage
random stacks o' crap. I'd love to have a proper audio rack but the room is shared with the TV and that won't be changing any time in the near future
Digital Source
Bel Canto CD2
Analog Source
Garrard 301 with a massive aftermarket bronze platter and bearing. a slate plinth with a Schick tonearm. I have a weird fascination with the old "chocolate block" ffss type Decca cartridges.
DIY passive preamp built with pure silver Bent Audio Slagleformer modules.
Power Amp
Various DIY tube amps, mostly of the single-ended persuasion. Currently running SE 46 monoblocks based on Gordon Rankin's Bugle 45.
5" Feastrex field coils