Home system, a Two-channel Audio System by Timothy Shields

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Room Size
17' by 45'
System Overview
Budget system in very live room.
Music Preferences
Quite eclectic. Jazz, post-bob, punk, noise, classical, and unclassifiable.
Room Description
Hardwood sloping ceiling with exposed beam, glass walls, concrete floor.
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Excellent within sweat spot after much experiment with placement, somewhat bright due to reflection for few feet, and then less detailed but still listenable the in extreme end of room. Picture shows the most listenable area. More tow-in gives better soundstage detail but much smaller listening area.
Media Storage
In need of good storage system. May consider using music server with non-compressed storage for electronic media.
Digital Source
Acurus AC-11 used as transport
Signal Processors
Gigalab Moon DAC
Home built Pass Labs B1 Buffer Preamp
Power Amp
Golden Tube SE-40 modified by Sonic Craft
AV123 x-mtm Towers
Speaker Cable
Power Cond
Monster Cable