The Bob in St. Louis "Man Cave" (the music equipment), a Two-channel Audio System by Bob in St. Louis

Fiberglass DIY baffle with 15" Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris Coaxial (finally finished)
Room Size
"L" shaped. Aprox 445 square feet
System Overview
Acoustic Treatment
(9) DIY panels of Owens Corning "703"
Media Storage
1.5TB dual bay external USB enclosure with all files 'mirrored' in RAID1
Digital Source
Bolder Modded SqueezeBox (v3) all files in FLAC
Harman Kardon AVR-645
Power Amp
Jolida 202-A (front mains) + 800watt Legion for I.B. + 250 watt plate amp for OB Augies
Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris 15" Coaxials in DIY fiberglass baffle
(2) 15" Hawthorne Augie in O.B. + (4) 15" Hawthorne Augie in I.B.
Speaker Cable
White Lightning Moonshine baby!!!!
Not very many. Most bare wire, but there's a few bananas
Power Cables
DIY built into the left wall with smoked tempered glass door
Power Cond
"OneAC" for SqueezeBox. Belden UPS for everything else
Tuning and Tweaks
Behringer DCX2496 to 'tweak' content below 80Hz to the (6) Augies
Other Components
1.5 TB dual bay external USB enclosure RAID1