Browntrouts Stereo, a Two-channel Audio System by Browntrout

Music Wine and Feet
System Overview
A one source purpose built stereo.
Music Preferences
I think each genre has good music in it. Most of the time I listen to classical and baroque or medieval folk music, Thomas Tallis is the most beautifull music.
Room Description
My bedroom, small with a fireplace and Portland stone walls.
Acoustic Treatment
A double bed right in front of the speakers.
Listening Impressions
When listening to a good recording I feel as if I am there and then. Sometimes I get such a strong sense of the space of the recording that it becomes more a part of the experience than the music. I spend less time listening to the music and more time wondering in my mind. A sanctuary from this world.
Digital Source
Analog Source
Simon Yorke S5 with S7 tonearm, Grado The Reference cartridge.
Art Audio VP1
Power Amp
Art Audio Diavolo with Emmision Labs WB520v2 valves.
Cabasse Farrella 401, rewired with Kimber speaker cable internally
Speaker Cable
Power Cables
Russ Andrews
Stands Unique with energy management system
Power Cond
Russ Andrews for each component.
Tuning and Tweaks
Cardas RCA caps, cleaned and silvered tube pins, plugs etc.