My Only, a Two-channel Audio System by Lifer

Room Size
20 x 17x 12
System Overview
A slowly evolving beast that provides me with many pleasurable hours each week.
Digital Source
Sony XA777ES cdp
Analog Source
Technics SP10 MkIIa TT, Jolida 9a phono amp at level 3 mod by Parts Connexion, Rewired RB300 tonearm, and Shure V15vxmr
Other Sources
Accuphase T107 tuner
Balanced Audio Technology VK30SE
Power Amp
Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
Mirage 7SI
Speaker Cable
can't remember - silver shotgun bi-wire
Siltech and others
Power Cables
PS Audio, etc
NY Public Library - main branch stacks
Power Cond
Monster Power HTS5000
Tuning and Tweaks
Good couch
Other Components
Will be changing soon in the phono area - my main source. A new diy plinth plus a JVC-UA7045 tone arm and or a Technics epa100 tone arm, and a Zu Audio DL103R .