Living Room 2 CH, a Two-channel Audio System by lokie

IB Subs
Room Size
20x 15- with 8' front and back wall openings
System Overview
Dynamic and unfatiguing.
Music Preferences
Everything but RAP.
Room Description
Family Living Room
Acoustic Treatment
Furniture, sea grass carpet and curtains.
Media Storage
Synology 1515+ NAS, PC running ROON as Core Computer
Digital Source
Sonore UltraRendu w CIAudio Linear Power Supply to a AR-T Legato USB convertor to a tricked out Audio Note 3.1 DAC.
Signal Processors
Berhinger 2496 for Bass Management under 80-Hz
Emotive Audio - Pre Amp
Power Amp
Modded Eico HF-60's currently running Genalex Gold Lion KT77's.
DIY 6 cu ft cabinet made out of 3/4 Birch Ply and thick Walnut Veneer. Altec 802B Compression Driver on an Altec 32b Horn, w 15" Jensen P15ll's DIY XO- still tweaking but sounding good. Measures like a dog though.
2- Infinite Baffle on each side with 2 -15 woofers per IB Sub. Powered by a Parasound HCA 1000A Amp.
Speaker Cable
Supra 3.4
A full loom of Stealth PGS 3D RCA interconnects. Blue Jean Cat 6 patch cable from NAS to Rendu. Gothic GAC-4/1 from Berhinger to Preamp and sub amps. Art Legato USB cable. Silver Sonic xlr/ RCA digital cable.
Power Cables
Various. Always changing.
Gutted antique Chinese credenza w maple cutting boards as shelves
Power Cond
Isoclean 80A3, 3 dedicated home run power lines w 2- Isoclean 001 outlets and 1- Porter Port,
Tuning and Tweaks
Maple cutting boards under all components