2 Channel System, a Two-channel Audio System by mgalusha

JBL/Beyma LFTW speakers
Room Size
20 x 14 x 9
System Overview
My time sink... :)
Music Preferences
mostly Jazz but I like most forms of music
Room Description
Dedicated listening room 20 x 14 x 9. Double drywall with Green Glue, rubber isolated ceiling. It's not pretty but works well.
Acoustic Treatment
8th Nerve corners and seams. GIK Acoustics diffusors at first reflection points, GIK tri-traps in the corners and GIK panels on the wall behind the speakers..
Listening Impressions
Very fast and dynamic and very revealing of changes anywhere in the change. The room is so quiet that everything is audible.
Media Storage
Boltz racks but music stored on dedicated server disk drives, 32TB storage. IKEA record racks.
Other Comments
I am really happy with the sound. Best I've ever had by a considerable margin, at least for my tastes. :)
Digital Source
Custom music server feeding AURALiC VEGA G2 digital processor via Prairie Audio custom USB cable.
Analog Source
Custom Teres w/rim drive. Teres Ilius arm, Soundsmith 'The Voice' ebony cartridge, ModWright PH-150 photo stage.
Signal Processors
Modded Behringer DCX2496 for subs
Bent Audio custom TAP-X (balanced)
Power Amp
Coincident Dragon 211 Mk. II
DIY large format 2 way, JBL 2226H woofers, Beyma TPL-150H tweeters.
3x GR Research/Rythmik Audio Direct Servo 12
Speaker Cable
MG Audio Design Planus Ag, one off prototype.
Kaplan Cable GS Mk II and MG Audio CU2 balanced.
Power Cables
Kaplan Cable GS Mk II & DIY Furutech NCF
rack: DIY double wide Flexy style, isolation: Herbies Audio Lab Tenderfeet, WellFloat isolation platform under preamp, IKEA bamboo under other gear.
Power Cond
Bybee Wire SE (2)
Tuning and Tweaks
Okki Nokki record cleaner, Caig ProGold, various cleaning stuff for the TT, various footers.
Other Components
Custom computer running Win 10, JRiver or Roon Core