Rega Planar 2 outboard motor mod.

Thumbnail for Luckily I have an old test record from the early day of stereo with a 1K Hz test tone. And I use this to test the speed. So far so good. But still a bit of flutter of /- 1 to 2 Hz sometime. Hope it will improve as the belt relaxed a bit later on. Otherwise I have to get a new belt or something.
Thumbnail for I think the belt is a bit too long for my application. It is tend to roll a bit causing the speed instability at first. But now seem to be okay. Still working finding right tension.
Thumbnail for Temporary outboard mount. The ceramic is what I use to hold my Grado SR 60 headphone. It is heavy enough. There is no on/off switch I just use the clip. So far so good but a better housing for both motor and the power board will be needed. Well, I will be working on that soon.
Thumbnail for Here is what inside the look like. The motor is made by Phillip Holland. It basically held by the rubber band on the mounting plate of which mounted on the plinth by 2 screws. This help reduce some vibration but the motor could move somewhat and this is not good for speed stability.
Thumbnail for Well, it doesn't look like the old Rega for sure. And it doesn't sound like one neither. The sound is actually better. The biggest change I noticed is the bass.... fuller and more dynamic than before. With clearer sound overall. BTW the wood plinth is really a chopping board from Crate & Barrel "End Grain Chopping Board" made from Acacia wood, a dense hardwood type.
Thumbnail for Now totally pimped. No longer a Rega Planar 2. As you can see the motor now is mounted temporary on the can sitting outside. This way I could use the old belt and now don't have problem with belt rolling and etc.
Thumbnail for Using the old Rega Planar plinth as template for drilling holes.
Thumbnail for Well, since the belt thing didn't work out. I decided to go all out on this. Making a new plinth for the it with sub platter close to the side so I could use the old belt.
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