Jon’s Reference System

Speakers: Tidal Audio Agorias Silver Edition Amplification: Audio Research Ref. 10 Preamp, Ref. 10 Phono Preamp, Ref. 250SE Amps Analog: TriangleART Master Reference Turntable w/Osiris Mk2 Tonearms (2) and Apollo Cartridge; and Van Den Hul Colibri Master Signature Cartridge Digital: dCS Vivaldi 2.0 DAC/Clock/Upsampler; dCS Paganini SACD/CD Transport; Antipodes DX3 Server; and Sonos Connect w/W4S Mods Cables: Amplification, Speaker, Power and Digital: Nordost Odin 1 Power Conditioning: PS Audio P20 (Components), Shunyata Denali Series 2000T (Amps)
Thumbnail for System with Audio Research Amplification, dCS Digital Stack, Triangle ART Analog w/Tidal Audio Agoria Speakers
Thumbnail for Triangle ART Master Reference Turntable w/Osiris II Tonearms and TA Apollo and Van Den Hul Master Reference Colibri Signature Cartridges
Thumbnail for Rack of Equipment with Triangular Art over Triangle ART Master Reference Turntable
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