Listening room & main system (Sep 2016)

Basement listening room, designed to reduce HVAC and other mechanical noise and finished in late 2014. Dimensions approx. 20.5 ft x 12.5 ft x 7 ft. I'm still working to perfect the acoustic treatment, which as of Nov 2017 differs a little from what's shown here. A few months after taking the photos, we found and fixed construction defects causing moisture problems. Repair included replacing the cork floor with synthetic carpet and pad.
Thumbnail for Front: Diffusers by Vicoustic. Corner bass traps by GIK. Half-round traps by ASC.
Thumbnail for Front: from listening chair
Thumbnail for Left side. Acoustic panels by ASC.
Thumbnail for Left side & rear corner
Thumbnail for Right side & rear corner
Thumbnail for Front right angle
Thumbnail for Front left angle
Thumbnail for Rear with ceiling panels
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