Stereo One.

My system made up of SET amps, tubed pre-amp, turntable, analog tuner, Single Driver speaker, CD player... well, mostly obsolete audio technologies.
Thumbnail for The previous set up with Magnepan 1.5QR. I still have the Maggie but planning to sell them soon.
Thumbnail for Fostex 167E TQWT under contruction. Mr. Bubble gives an inspection of the work.
Thumbnail for CS1d
Thumbnail for A cat in the speaker improve sound? Well, sorry no. I think his fur is too short to make good sound absorbent.
Thumbnail for October 2002 The cat on top of the speaker act as a tuning device. But I found the system sounds better when he is on my lap while listening to music.
Thumbnail for Welborne Lab
Thumbnail for Pimped Audio Note M1 Phono. Mullard 4004 with Herbie's Halo tube dampers. Jensen copper paper in oil output caps. Elma selectors. Dual mono Grayhill 23 steps attenutors with Halco resistors. Fred rectifier. Kimber hook up wires.
Thumbnail for March '06. Here is picture of my new room. Bigger than previous room at the old apartment. Notice the room tuning device sleeping on the carpet.
Thumbnail for Grounding Fostex chassis. This is not new. I just got around to try it. And yes it does chagne the sound. Cleaner, tighter and seem to have less glare now. Still need more investigation and listening to see if it is really better.
Thumbnail for Me and my first stereo system in 1991. I was 14 years old back than. System consisted of JVC 50wch reciever $200 I think, JVC CDP $150, JVC tape deck $(?), Technic tape deck $(?), Advent Baby II $200pr, Turntable $3 from junk shop in China town with new Ortofon cart about $30 and low end Monster cables.
Thumbnail for Well here is parts of my system as of October 26, 2006. With it the new addition of the new TDA1543 DAC... the little one with the blue LED.
Thumbnail for November 2006
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