Living Room, a Two-channel Audio System by Ben1248

Living Room
Room Size
the listening area is about 11.5 foot long x 9.8 foot wide x 9.2 foot high
System Overview
Upgraded #1 early 2019: Zenwave D3.5 Interconnect and Innuos Zen Mk3 (from Auralic Aries Femto) ) - all improved the system and I don't want to miss the upgrade. + added entry level record player (surprised how good it sounds). recent upgrade: changes from 2Qute (w/JS2) to Hugo2 for main system (significant improvement in clarity, soundstage, and "fun" to listen)
Music Preferences
Classic, Jazz, nearly everything
Room Description
Speakers are currently about 1 foot away from the wall. The speakers are about 8.2 foot separated and my listening position is 9 foot away from the speakers
Acoustic Treatment
Listening Impressions
Realistic; Very Clear; large soundstage; fun to listen; realistic bass (can compare to concert hall)
Media Storage
Innuos Zen Mk3
Digital Source
Innuos Zen Mk3
Analog Source
Project Debut Esprit SB and Moon LP110 v2 (this was a test to learn about record player/vinyl; surprised how good it sounds)
Signal Processors
Hugo2 - mostly listen with battery (for me it is better than w/ power supply)
MZ2-S with remote and NOS tube and updated power supply
Power Amp
ZOTL10 with NOS tubes and upgraded (separate power supply)
Omega Speakers: Super Alnico High Output - internally wired with SMSG 20 (ZenWave)
Speaker Cable
ZenWave S4 cables
Zenwave D3.5 Interconnect between DAC to Pre to Power Amp
Power Cables
several from Wireworld and Straightwire
Power Cond
Isotek Sirius