Chime high voltages

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Chime high voltages
« on: 19 Jul 2011, 03:54 am »
I finished assembling my chime and started checking the voltages.

With no tubes I get 7.97 for the Hagdac, which is good.

With only the rectifier (Sovtek 5Y3GT) installed H+ is 8.57 and B+ is 380. I did try a Sovtek 5AR4 from my Cornet just in case the tube was faulty, but same voltages.

I checked the voltage across R103 and I get 6.56 VAC.

The voltage at R438 is 368v, not the 305v shown on the board.

Any ideas why the voltages are so high?



Re: Chime high voltages
« Reply #1 on: 19 Jul 2011, 04:12 am »
So putting in the rest of the tubes brings the voltages in line :duh:

I now get 5.78v at H+ and 298v at R438.