RE: X-LS Encore - Can I listen to a set here in St. Louis? Which cross-over?

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Hi All,
I am trying this second posting again in the "Introduce yourself" thread.  Appears that this is the only place that I may be able to post until the moderator approves me to post and search other threads.

It is probably more likely I just don't know the areas which I am restricted to posting, however will try again here.

If there is anyone who can let me hear in person the X-LS Encores in St. Louis that would be great.  I live out in Ballwin.

Hope this get's posted, and did not get a response on the prior message in the thread so I am not sure if this post is actually being posted anywhere.

Even if you can't help, please respond so that I can confirm this message is posted sucessfully.

Many thanks,

Ballwin, MO


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You can post anywhere except in the Trading Post until after you have 3 approved posts.

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Link to Gateway Audio Society with members in and around STL.